Architectural and Structural BIM Modeling

Our team creates any types of Architectural and Structural BIM model.

Presentation Model

This stage of the model comes with two different level of detailing. And these are LOD 100- Conceptual massing, that means through this an
architect can represent to his owner the concept of the upcoming project. It could give a conceptual visualization through a mass model.
From this volume and rough geometry of the entire project can be easily understood.
LOD 200- This LOD stands for approximate geometry. Architect use this phage as well for the presentation. In this phase model can be represented with a decent
geometry and outlook. All the elements will be very close to the actual design but not 100% accurate.
This phase mostly used at the bidding stage of the project. GC or Architect mainly uses this model to award a project and to show their plan for the project.

Co-ordination Model

This is the most crucial phase for any BIM model. This coordination model can be segregated into three different LODs (Level of detailing).

LOD 300

This is one of most often used LOD for any project. This level of detailing contains accurate dimension and geometry. Through this detail level we can find out
the design issues and based on that we can find the best solution for that issue.

LOD 350

This is bit screened version of LOD 300. In this level we usually add more detail than LOD 300.

LOD 400

LOD 400 stands for connection details. This level of detailing includes all the connection details as per the requirement. So it can be easily understood that
how the connection is going to happen and how to handle with the issues at the time of installation or erection.

LOD 500

Model from as built document.


Within Revit, Phases are distinct, separate time periods (or “milestones”) within the life of the project. They can represent either the time periods themselves or the status of
the project at specified points in time. There must always be at least one phase in a project. By default a new Revit project comes with two phases already created. These
are named “Existing” and “New Construction”. You can rename these to anything you like, as well as add any number of additional phases.