Building Information Modeling or BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based process which creates information models containing both graphical and non-graphical information in a shared repository for digital project information called Common Data Environment (CDE). It renders architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals the knowledge and apparatus to be more resourceful and competent in planning, designing, constructing and managing buildings and infrastructure.


  • Improvement of productivity and reduction of costs
  • Decreased rework
  • Easy visualization of the entire project
  • Complete project work snapshot access for each stakeholders
  • 100 percent coordinated virtual model
  • Various dimension information of BIM
  • 3D ( The shared Information model )
  • 4D ( construction sequencing )
  • 5D ( cost )
  • 6D ( Project lifecycle information )
  • Architectural and Structural BIM Modeling
  • Architecture Construction Drawings
  • Structural Shop Drawing/Lift Drawing
  • Take of Quantity
  • Revit Families Services
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